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Hacking the Interview: Part 2
8 more techniques from industrial psychology to make your interviews even better
Hacking the Interview
7 Recommendations from Industrial Psychology
Watch: Sketching with data
Let’s make data more malleable
Startup Studios. Are they a thing?
Or three things?
Drawing to think
Is a doodle good for the noodle?
How to Throw the World’s Best Startup Party 
From promoting to hosting, we’ve gathered tips from the industry’s greatest party planners
Teh Guardian FTW!!!1!
A tiny, subtle hack on TheGuardian.com
Welcoming more great startups
say hello to the new companies now hiring
Are you building a hack, a product, or a hackquaduct?
Bridging the Hack/Product Gap
Everyone is hiring Javascript devs, no one wants a strategist
What do profile tags and saved searches on Hire my Friend tell us about startup hiring?
New pricing for growing companies
Announcing: Favouriting, hiding and a new UI for companies!
This week’s new batch of companies
great new companies now hiring including Shopify, JustAddRed and Dots
My Friend, Hired
How Daniel hired Yassine to come and work at Omada Health, with a little help from his friends
Announcing: Speakers and sponsors
Holy useful feature, Batman!
Watch: Encourage your kids to code even if you can’t yourself
A 7 minute lightning talk at Kidcrafters
Announcing: Linkydink improvements #1
We were listening to you all along
A Bio to the Beat of Dave Haynes
Meet Makeshift’s New Head of Business Development
My dad turns into a robot!
A tiny game you can play to encourage your kids to code
My Friend, Hired
How Ed from Memrise hired Alain with a little help from his friends
Recent Profiles
We’ve added a tiny, very useful new feature to Hire my Friend
This week’s amazing new companies on Hire my Friend
Welcoming Skimlinks, Avuba, Osper, Granttree and a stealthy mobile startup
10 amazing new companies hiring on Hire my Friend 
A very Hire my Friendly welcome to Shazam, Crowdshed, Cryptopay, Spleat, Numbrs, Parkopedia, UpMySport, The ODI, IRC Cloud and Mattermark
Announcing: Twitter lists of your event attendees
We have list off!
My Friend. Hired.
How Rayhan hired Joe with a little help from his friends.
My Friend. Hired.
How Harry hired Olly with a little help from his friends
Attending at ten! Ding!
10,000 users, that is
Step away from the screen
Apply sunscreen instead?
Five Reasons I Work at a Startup
And why you should too
Minimum Viable Pundit - Design + Banter 11
‘Like a weird design acid trip’
How to merge Facebook pages and turn profiles into pages
Get all of your audience in one place!
Introducing Vanity URLs and LinkedIn signup
Tuesday, 8 April 2014
How to display tweets at your event
or Facebook updates, or Instagram pics...
Minimum Viable Pundit: What went down at Front-end London 12
Quite a lot, it turns out
20 years of digital arts leadership. Here’s what I’ve learnt. 
An interview with Sheila McGregor, CEO of Axis
ShedCast: Deborah Rippol on spreading Startup in Europe
As the European Director of UP Global, Rippol has spread startup culture across 120 countries, helping to inspire over 200,000 entrepreneurs
Get ALL of your Facebook posts seen for free
Two growth hacks for the price of one
How I got a click-through rate of 16% on Twitter Ads
And it was a cinch I tells ya
What’s next for Makeshift?
We’ve put our 90 day business plan online
Renaissance Woman
It’s not all pizza and mandolinos
Learn to play
Playing gives your clients space to find you interesting
Watch: Data’s Impact on London’s Lyst.com
Quality of data, over quantity of data, is key to accuracy in e-commerce
Minimum Viable Pundit - Design + Banter 10
"10x Designer” - whatever that means
How Asi Sharabi went from PhD dropout to international digital publisher ...
... with a little help from his friends
Meet Matt: He’s turning on the tap at Makeshift
From nightclubs to startup events, Matt Soczywko is a man who knows how to pack a room.
How to get the best new devs on Hire My Friend in your inbox every morning
Just hit subscribe!
Toner Replacement Dude to Tech City Deputy CEO ... with a little help from his friends
An interview with Ben Southworth
Minimum Viable Pundit - Chew the Fat 4
Our man on the scene reports back from the 3Beards event that has a panel and chattyness
Until death us do part
If you’ve ever thought about going into business with your partner, read this first
Watch: Improve your business with less than 10 lines of SQL
Find out how Wrangler can make a difference to your business.
Fireside Chats: @maccaw dropped in to talk sourcing.io
We caught up with the author, hacker and programmer
How to turn an SQL report into a daily hipchat notification
Keep your KPIs peeled
Stef Lewandowski: Father, Founder and Full-Time Laser
Makeshift’s Co-Founder Stef inspires our team with creativity, makefulness and by leaving the office early. 
Starting up in Berlin
Negotiating the intersection of really cool and really weird
What went down at the @skillsmatter LRUG Lightning Talks
Towards a greater understanding of technology for everyone
In response to the response to the Year of Code
Passion Capital special: @swipe_to, @futureadlabs, @mixlr, @gocardless & Limejump are hiring!
Going to Austin this Spring? Get Attending.io to sponsor your fringe event while you’re there
$500 sponsorship up for grabs every week
We’re Forcing the Word Entrepreneur Into Extinction
Why I’m NOT calling myself an entrepreneur (for now)
Tech Events Roundup - Attending.io Special
A pick of the upcoming events happening on Attending.io
How we do email at Makeshift
Our approach to the bit of the app no one wants to work on
Announcing: Beautiful new email introductions on Hire my Friend
You, meet your future colleague
Work worth doing: What makes a job amazing?
Hint: Its nothing to do with your office.
The Data Saloon: YPlan’s Wild Night Out With Data
Watch our 30-minute talk with YPlan’s Data Scientist John Sandall
What went down at Design + Banter 9
lightning talks? we’ll give you lightning talks!
Want a job in tech? @waymate, @overheardatmoo, @shutl, @lastfm, @appearhere are hiring!
We got roles to keep you off the dole
Medium or Podium?
Writing has become the safe option. It’s time to speak up.
The Myths of Time
Stop thinking about tasks and develop a sense of scale
Whose London is it anyway?
Following a recent Telegraph piece about the cultural spread of Shoreditch, east Londoner Paul Squires comes to the defence of his home turf
Want a job in tech? @projectAcom, @_txtr, @Kent_Lyons, @3_beards, @huddle are hiring!
Startups—get a room!
Pass the remote
How my tweet turned into a RTsunami
There couldn’t be a formula for a popular tweet, could there?
Make, Rattle and Code
Folksy founder James Boardwell is into the craft of code and the code of craft
Want a Startup Job? @taskrabbit @yieldify @ustwo @huddlebuy @seedcamp and @codeclub are hiring!
Learning to say “no”
On becoming a non-yes man
How to make a start-up out of nothing
Forget funding. For Perini’s Paul Squires, investment begins at home
Dialling down the Opacity
My hymn to the fearlessly open company
Lessons from the Largest Meetup Group in the World
From 1 to 36,000 Members Strong, New York Tech Meetup’s Jessica Lawrence Shares Lessons Learned 
Meet Makeshift’s Creative Technologist Ollie Glass 
For Mr. Glass, making and marketing web products is a walk in the park.
Want a Startup Job? @lovieawards @twilio @codecademy @stripe and @_txtr are hiring!
Haven’t found your dream job for 2014 yet? Keep looking!
Want a Startup Job? @medium @podio @bigspaceship @StartupInst and @mintdigital are hiring!
New year, new job
Myths of legends
Why you should say goodbye to rockstars and say hello to Leila Johnston
ShedCast: David Kitchen on the Impact of Communities
How one London entrepreneur turned community into a life-saving career choice
Leading at the code-face
Balancing technical leadership with writing code
One hundred pieces
Can I write one hundred pieces of writing in one year?
How To Get A Job At A Startup
From the front lines of London’s tech scene
Makeshift’s Co-Founder Nick Marsh is Designing All the Things
From art school to entrepreneur, design is at the heart of everything Nick does.
From 1 to 1 Million Users, YPlan’s Focus is on Customer Experience
Quality, not quantity is what makes YPlan’s secret sauce taste so good.
Want A Startup Job? @onefinestay @CitymapperLON @glpLondon @Movellas & @Percolate Are Hiring
All I want for Christmas is a new job!
Things we learnt trying, and failing, to build a regulated social savings service called Savemates
Short version - financial services sucks for startups
Coding in the Name Of Tanja Pislar
From musician to Makeshift: A hacker’s journey
Things we learnt trying, and failing, to build a ‘CRM for everybody else’
Short version - You can’t do it on two days a week
Roundin’ Up: Our First Data Saloon
how it all went down
Things we learnt trying, and failing, to build an e-commerce platform for selling digital goods
Short version - It’s extremely hard to do
Want A Startup Job? @Medium @TheReboot @GoCardless @OverheardAtMoo Are Hiring
9th December - 2013
Still Waters Run Deep: Makeshift’s Jase Cooper
From basketball pro and shoe designer to Makeshift’s Zen Master
How to organise your holiday party with Attending.io
Tired of over-complicated event planning platforms? Here’s how to use Attending.io for your holiday party
“Yore” Hired: How Hiring Has Changed in 150 Years
Modern day recruiting: Takes the cake?
Hackathon and on and on
24 hours of hacking! Crèche not included
Want A Startup Job? @Artsy @Geckoboard @FutureAdLabs and @Makeshift Are Hiring
2nd December - 2013
Meet Makeshift’s Jon Gold: The Driving Force Behind Hire My Friend 
Jon Gold Makes Internet and Designs Apps That Help People Find Jobs They Love
London Startup Events: The Holiday Edition 
‘Tis the season for mince pies, mulled wine & tech events-a-plenty!
Happy Endings Make for Great Beginnings - Why Email Signatures Matter
Theoretical Tales From The Front Line
Want a Startup Job? @Makeshift @Playhaven @Superflux @Moveguides Are Hiring
25th November - 2013
The stationery required to design software
Everything you need for sticky (note) growth
Meet Dan Williams: Makeshift’s creative technologist in residence 
From hot air balloon trackers to link sharing software, Makeshift’s hacker Dan Williams is on the cutting edge of code
When Ben met ... BioBeats
Merging healthcare and entertainment
Hey Twitter! Let me send a private link to a friend…
URL be back
How the 3beards Grew London’s Silicon Drinkabout into an International Brand
From London to New Yor City, the 3Beards reclaim Friday’s after work hours for “Silicon Drinkabout”
7 Tech events not to miss in December
London tech events in a bite-sized listing.
Want a Startup Job? ....@Importio @Huddle @EyeEm @Wigwamm @LoyalCX @Huddle Are Hiring
19th November - 2013
Make a useful thing and don’t be a dick
Startup or upstart?
Makeshift Co-Founder Paul Birch on Data + Persistence
Makeshift’s co-founder takes us from his days as an accountant to scoring big with birthday alarm, and starting up at Makeshift 
How to lose form data and alienate people
On poor form
Healthy Team = Productive Team
Step away from the pizza. 
Too Much Hustling? Get Outta Town
4 reasons why your team should take a company retreat
Magnificent failures, hand made video game cheat books and the absurdity of startups: An interview with Ryan Hoover
Talking shop
How can we teach all the kids that want to code, how to code?
A shedcast with Clare Sutcliffe, co-founder of Code Club
5 Great Startups Hiring This Week
Nat Buckley Makes All the Things
Makeshift’s hacker also fixes all the bugs and knows a lot about a boat lift
How to send links via direct message in Twitter now they’re banned
A couple of handy hacks for getting round the ban
5 Great Startups Hiring This Week
31st October - 2013
5 Great Startup Jobs This Week
The best jobs in london, berlin, NYC & beyond 
Why everyone that works in a digital business should learn some SQL
Because it makes you a creator, not a consumer
Don’t just do one thing
Why “just do one thing” was probably the best advice I’ve received. Because I’ve totally ignored it. 
Keep It Simple, Stupid
the most basic rule for pitching journalists
Introducing: SQL for Beginners with GA London
Introducing Linkydink
Or, why we made another link sharing service
How to do good talks at conferences
Hint: Teach don't sell
10 Web Apps To Help You Plan & Promote A Great Event
featuring attending.io
5 Of Our Favourite London Tech Meetups
compiled by the makeshift team 
Great Writing Tips That Everyone Should Know
10 of our favourites for wannabe writers
5 Pieces of Practical Advice For New Writers
we've got your back, newbies
A Recommended Reading List for Tech Writers
get started writing!
Design All The Things
what does it mean to be a great designer?
What does Wrangler do?
let us help your startup. with data. 
5 Great Startups Hiring This Week
10th october - 2013
5 Great Startups Hiring This Week
1st october - 2013
Shedcast with Joe Scarboro
Our first guest conversation in the Makeshift Shedscraper, with Joe from 3 Beards
Why I'm NOT learning to code
because spending time understanding coders is much more valuable than understanding code itself
Shedcast #1: Stef on the early days of Makeshift
The first in our series of podcast conversations from our two-story shed at Makeshift (yes you read that right)
Showing your work in progress
Show people early, get feedback, listen
On the joy of small software!
The five killer non-financial reports that will help you grow your startup 
The numbers you really need to pay attention to
Not just another blog
On making an article engine for Makeshift’s new website