Our products

We build software and services that help early stage companies grow faster. We use what we make to build our own business. How meta.

Explore, query and share the data that powers your business.

“Revolutionised how we do reporting”
@chendriksen — Head of Comms, Pact Coffee

Free events, done better.

Jaw droppingly gorgeous UI
@cbm — Founder, Audience.io

Share links with your team... and everyone else!

I don’t get it
@ntlk — Inventor, Linkydink.io

Our failures

We don’t get it right all the time. Here are some of the things we’ve built that didn’t work out, and what we learned as a result.

Hire My Friend

Headhunt amazing startup people directly
Read what we learned


Create a monthly saving group with your mates
Read what we learned


Sell the digital things you make
Read what we learned


Manage lists of people
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